ACCCE Statement Regarding President Obama's Address to the Joint Session of Congress


Tonight President Obama laid out his agenda for helping to repair this country's economy by investing in the innovation and ingenuity of America's workforce. One of his main points regarding the rebuilding of our economy was his administration's commitment towards creating jobs by rebuilding this nation's infrastructure while also becoming more energy independent.

"Our organization, The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, agrees that energy independence is one of the most vital factors to ensuring a positive economic turnaround. ACCCE recognizes that low cost affordable energy is the backbone of a strong economy, and by continuing to support an energy portfolio that puts an emphasis on our most abundant and affordable natural resource, coal, we will be able to create an effective energy strategy that will carry us well into the 21st century.

"Again in tonight's speech, the President acknowledged the key role that American coal will play in our energy future and continued to stress the importance of investing in a new generation of clean coal technologies in meeting our shared goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions both here at home and around the world.

"We look forward to working with the administration to help ensure that our nation has a balanced, efficient energy policy for decades to come. We strongly support President Obama's commitment to invest in new research and technology to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal-based power plants while at the same time keeping electricity rates affordable for American ratepayers.

"Ensuring continued access to our most abundant source of affordable electricity has never been more important than it is now during these times of economic crisis and as our economy rebounds, coal will play a growing role in meeting America's demand for affordable, reliable, and increasingly clean energy."