Issues and Policy

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) advocates for public policies that advance environmental improvement, economic prosperity and energy security. ACCCE believes that the wise use of coal – America’s most abundant domestically produced energy resource – is essential to providing affordable, reliable electricity for millions of U.S. consumers and a growing domestic economy. Further, ACCCE is committed to continued and enhanced U.S. leadership in developing and deploying new, advanced clean coal technologies that protect and improve the environment. Finally, ACCCE closely follows issues and public policy deliberations at the federal and state levels.

We know that meeting America’s growing energy demand and keeping electricity supplies reliable and affordable requires the use of American coal. We are also certain that coal will remain a primary fuel for meeting future energy needs even as we enact more stringent environmental standards – including meeting goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. How will this happen? Primarily through the use of technology.

The coal-based electricity sector remains committed to continuous environmental improvements. We have a long history of deploying clean coal technologies to reduce air emissions – while at the same time providing affordable, reliable electricity to meet our country’s growing energy needs.

We look forward to working with the government, and partners like Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz on a comprehensive plan for America’s energy future.  Investments in clean coal technology have helped reduce emissions by 90 percent over the past several decades, and we plan to continue that success.