Mark Ourada – Vice President for Central Region

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Mark Ourada – Vice President for Central Region

Mark is vice president for central region at the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity. Before starting at ACCCE in 2005, Mark was a four-term state senator who served 11 years in the Minnesota State Senate. He also worked as an elected member of his caucus leadership team for two terms. From his earliest involvement in the Senate, Mark served on numerous committees, specializing in transportation and energy issues. He quickly rose to become a recognized leader in his own caucus and across the aisle as a respected voice on energy issues, playing a pivotal role in major and comprehensive energy legislation in 2003.

His current work with ACCCE, whose core mission focuses on shaping state energy policies by engaging in issues such as ozone, mercury, regional haze and climate change, continues his commitment to expanding development of clean coal technology to strengthen the entire nation’s energy future.

Mark has a background in sales and management and received a bachelor’s degree in political science from St. John’s University, Minnesota.

He has two daughters and makes his home in Buffalo, Minnesota, just west of the Minneapolis metro area.